The Path of the Adversary

The Adversary was worshipped for a millennia before his true power took shape. Walking among his worshippers he created abominations in his image, and gathered every evil thing to his banner. He may be bound now, but his call still rises from the darkness. The Adversary's beckoning call festers like an infection in the hearts of the wicked. 

The Path of the Adversary conspires to dominate and destroy. Followers of the Adversary harness the fury of trecherous villains and terrible monsters to carve their rightful domain in a world of chaos.

Villains of the Adversary


The Pig Men

Formed centuries ago by the dark will of the Adversary, the Pig Men possess a cruel mockery of intelligence. In ages past, the Pigs were organized into vast armies that conquered powerful kingdoms. Like so many monstrous creations, the Pigs were abandoned after the world was destroyed. These twisted creatures now gather in feral tribes and war bands that survive by foraging in the vast ruins that cover our broken world.

These fierce warriors crave nothing more than destruction and snacks. Our fortified farmsteads and frontier outposts are under constant threat of Pig raiders. The allure of a merchant caravan is too great for any Pig to resist. Smashing open boxes to reveal the treats hidden inside is the greatest pleasure a Pig can experience. Survivors of these raids often describe the ecstatic squeals and tears of joy as they discover the contents of each package.

The Pig menace has been akin to bad weather: a harsh reality that destroys crops and kills the unwary. But since the Call of the Adversary the pigs have become more organized and bold than before. These foul creatures are an ever present danger, and as common as weeds.

Heralds of Bone and Darkness

Mysterious evil beings have been spotted in the wilderness. Dark Wanderers are a threat unlike anything we've seen before. Wielding horrible bone-magic, a new form of necromancy, the dark lords spur unnatural growth to create mutated skeletal monstrosities. The resulting horrors are rabid living-bone creatures of unrelenting fury.

These skull faced villains appear to be heralds of a dark truth. The harsh reality that the world is changed. They bare the terrible visage of this cruel transformation on their skeletal masks. They are visions of unnatural beasts created through perverse mutation rather than shaped by natures careful hand. It may be impossible to truly understand the finer details of their mission, but their brutal scheme and sinister methods are perfectly clear.

As the ashes of the sundering settled, six unknown champions sought their place in the world. In their quest for hope they came across a gaping hole where a proud capitol once stood. For nine days they camped at the edge of the abyss. Observing uncountable corpses smoldering in the darkness below. On the tenth day a macabre stair grew from the depths.

Descending into cruel ash choked catacombs, the companions resisted the horrors they beheld. At once the grim silence was broken and terrible mutated creatures assailed their advance. With axe, bow, and spear the warriors gritted their teeth and pushed ever deeper into the stygian depths.

With bone-crushing might the champions entered the final chamber, a dark shrine both beautiful and terrible to behold. Unimaginable rituals and dizzying writings lined the great cathedral of bone in this womb of death and darkness. At the center of it all lay a minuscule shard. As the bold heroes approached the altar, their lore-maiden began to sing in guttural tones. The new song vibrated the air and a grim reality settled upon their minds. This was a fragment of the adversary itself, and from that moment forward nothing would ever be the same.

Apostles of the Deep

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.10.15 PM.png

Somewhere along the jagged coasts a cursed fortress stands crumbling into the sea. Antediluvian mysteries lie hidden in its darkest chambers. As you make your way deeper into its treacherous belly the tide abates to reveal a coral encrusted dungeon. Frothing saltwater rushes through the living catacombs echoing otherworldly sounds.

The creatures here are twisted and transformed by an unimaginably ancient power. The fortress was once the seat of a proud royal lineage. The foundations were built on foundations older than the very continent, and as the world shifted and fractured the dizzying discoveries changed the royal lineage forever.

Eldritch powers course through the veins of completely inhuman creatures. Unimaginably brutal sharkmen and slithering eel-like beings are powerful allies to the path of the Adversary. However these servants are submitted to an troubling force, and are not to be trifled with. 

The Wretched Hive

Wretched Hive Art

The Wretched Hive is a sinister underworld that exists on the fringes of society.

The iguan are a ubiquitous reptilian race whose myths claim a primordial origin predating all human civilization. The pragmatic iguan do not build cities of their own, but rather opt to live in nomadic groups operating with a network of semi-permanent encampments on the outskirts of large cities. Traveling bands will meet to trade with the settled iguan, who in turn offer goods and services to the wider markets. 

Due to their peculiar psychology many iguan find full integration into civilized life distasteful and traditionally work as laborers and sailors. They never shy from dangerous work, and take special pride in their ability to endure. Despite the obvious value of strong workers, the complex cruelty of civilization has branded the iguan as the lowest class. Merchants gain hordes of wealth while the workers struggle to survive. 

In the absence of true justice, following the law is a luxury few can afford. Thus we enter the vile black markets of the Wretched Hive. Where cruelty is the law and only the strong survive. 

The slave trade is perhaps the most depraved of the black market practices. The legality of slavery may vary from kingdom to kingdom, but legal status only truly changes how public the slave auctions are. 

The Iguan Slavers are powerful fighters and bitter task masters.These depraved individuals offer harsh motivation to their comrades in brutal fashion. Slavers are rightly feared for the sinister depths of their inhumanity.

Poachers are almost universally nomadic in origin. Many ply their humble, if illegal, trade as hunters. However, in the harsh depths of the black market, not every poachable entity is a beast.

The brutal wilderness takes its toll on nomadic tribes. In the harshest seasons many poachers turn their unmatched skill as scouts and trackers to the benefit of dangerous crime lords. With highly valuable skills and keen javelins, these deadly warriors are rightly prized.

According to their customs a select few are chosen and groomed from birth to assume a terrible duty. The elder crone prepares these youth for many years. Until the fateful day they must read from the unpronounceable black pages of agog. The black pages tether the iguan to their primordial gods. As the chosen study the dizzying passages their inner minds are assailed by terrible dimensions beyond reality. 

Sadly, many are utterly consumed by madness. Those who survive are honored and assume their place as iguan witches. These witches are respected councilors and powerful sorcerers. They peer into the void to observe the threads of fate, command plagues, and call upon the boiling depths of the earth. These powerful women form an integral core of iguan political and religious society.

Nomadic iguan have formed strange alliances in their bid for survival. One such partnership is with the mangrove basilisk. A long snouted sub-species endemic to the brackish badlands.

These cold-blooded beasts have a near super-natural hypnotic gaze and are extremely venomous. The Iguan Witches made connections with the beasts and have used them as powerful assets for generations. These pitiless creatures grant an exotic edge to an iguan fighting force. They paralyze combatants as swift warriors descend upon their ill-fated foe.