Welcome to Relicblade

A tactical fantasy adventure game created by Sean Sutter

Relicblade is a small scale skirmish game in which two players take command of heroes and monsters as they battle to claim the magical relics of the ancient world.  Players assemble and paint detailed miniatures, utilize character and upgrade cards to customize their battle group, and enjoy fast paced and dynamic combat. 

Miniatures games are an immersive hobby that is uniquely rewarding. Beautifully painted miniatures and shared war stories last far longer than a digital save file on a play station memory card. Relicblade offers an exciting invitation to players that are interested in miniature gaming, but aren't ready to purchase thousands of space men. In a standard game of Relicblade, players rarely field more than five miniatures. The rules are easy to learn and the games are quick to play. However, with 10 characters and 25 unique upgrades at launch, there is tactical depth for veteran war-gamers to relish.

Will you choose to join brave heroes on their honorable quest to restore civilization? Or will you revel in the savage joys of the pig men, and enjoy some snacks as the world burns? As the savage realms of Relicblade expand we will see new champions rise, terrifying monsters emerge, and dark lords ascend. Join the adventure to claim the lost Relicblade!

A jolly band of pig men defend the acropolis against a couple of greedy sheeple. Let's hope they have cheese in their pockets.


Players select characters and upgrades based on an agreed upon point total. In the photograph below this player has chosen a Questing Knight and a Cleric of Justice as her party. The Knight has been upgraded with some good defensive options. The Knights upgrades include Riposte which forces the opponent to risk damage when attacking the Knight and a Health Potion to keep himself or an ally in the game a little longer. The Cleric has been given a Writ of Justice to help clear disabled enemies off the table, and the ever popular Alchemist's Fire. Alchemist's Fire is a delightful face-melting hand grenade that does great work clearing pesky piles of pork.

The commanding player chooses her champions and equips them with special tactical training, magic potions, and the raw power of justice.


With war parties assembled, it's time to venture into the savage realms of Relicblade! Powerful ancient relics are scattered throughout the ruins of once great civilizations, and in this dark age these magical objects are beacons that attract champions and conquerors alike.

Players go back and forth activating their characters one at a time until all characters have acted. With the easy to reference character cards and upgrades, a character will have at least six different actions to choose from! As the forces meet in brutal combat players will be engaged with exciting tactical choices. Will you risk your luck to land a flurry of blows, or will you focus your energy into a single powerful attack?

The champions raid a lava fort in search of an unknown relic, but are ambushed by others who seek the same prize.


In each battle there is at least one relic on the table. These relics are extremely powerful upgrades that can only be acquired during the course of a game. Once the relic has been claimed the players draw a card randomly from the Relic Deck to identify the magical boon. The fate of the battle may lie in the control of these potent magic items. Or you may bravely claim the magic sword only to be cut down, and deliver it into the hands of your enemy.

Relicblade: Adventure battle game

Games of Relicblade are fast and dynamic. Players must carefully command their small war party in their bid to control the lost relics. Fate is cruel, but the adventurers heart will remain undaunted. Win or lose, Relicblade offers some truly epic moments. Champions will boldly hold the bridge against swarms of monster. Though they are knocked to the ground, they will rise and prevail against all odds. Other times the lone nameless champion will be crippled and slowly eaten alive.

A standard game should last around 45 minutes, and with so few miniatures required it is easy to pick up and play. Lunch break adventures and epic game nights are all within the savage realms of possibility. Champions bring the drinks, and Pigs bring the snacks.

You can watch a full 100 point game from start to finish in the above video. There is plenty of action and a memorable game packed into 30 minutes.