Relicblade Hobby Gallery

Relicblade is a fantasy tabletop miniature skirmish game. That description is quite a mouthful, and I wouldn't blame you if you still weren't completely sure what all of that entails! Players customize and paint their model kits, build immersive scenery, and play out epic adventures with their friends and rivals.

I am a visual person. I do my best to use fancy words to explain Relicblade, but I think a pile of photos will be more fun. Here are some photos of the Relicblade hobby in practice! Games in progress, painted figures, and more. Take a peek at the adventure, get inspired, and start your own collection!

A Lone Guard Warrior charges a Soldier Pig.

A Ranger and his Sabertooth cat face down a trio of battle pigs.

The Cleric charges up ancient steps to attack the brutal Pigs at the top.

The Wilderkin explore an ancient tomb.

Battle for a powerful relic found in the tomb of an ancient giant!

A Dark Watcher surveys the battlefield from atop ancient ruins.