Bone and Darkness 10-Card Expansion Pack (Physical)


Bone and Darkness 10-Card Expansion Pack (Physical)


Command these monstrosities to carve your cruel domain of Bone and Darkness!

Mysterious skull faced villains stalk the wild-lands. These dark wanderers are an evil threat unlike anything seen before.

Wielding terrible bone-magic, a new form of necromancy, the dark lords spur unnatural growth to create mutated skeletal monstrosities. The resulting horrors are rabid living-bone creatures of unrelenting fury.

The Bone and Darkness expansion introduces awesome new villains to Relicblade. The Dark Wanderers are formidable champions able to stand toe-to-toe with the strongest heroes of the age. Bone stalkers are frantic creatures, and are among the fastest characters in the entire game! This expansion also introduces the new construct character type. There's a lot of game in this booster pack.

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • Dark Wanderer
  • Dark Watcher
  • Two Bone Stalkers with alternate art
  • Bone Construct
  • Dark Machination, Tactic Upgrade
  • Murder of Crows, Item Upgrade
  • Black Shroud, Spell Upgrade
  • Bone Harvest, Spell Upgrade
  • Mark of Violence, Weapon Upgrade

This is a physical booster pack containing ten (10) Relicblade cards. Note: the cards in this pack are identical to those found in the faction expansion set.

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