Relicblade Legends 2 Expansion Pack (Digital)

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Relicblade Legends 2 Expansion Pack (Digital)


"The savage realms of Relicblade are littered with the bones of heroes and villains alike."

Most who venture into the wilds seek their destiny but find only their fate! A few brave legends live long enough for their names to be recorded in the annals of history. Be blessed or cursed, feared or fearless, names such as Lucas Hayland and The Iron Tyrant have left an indelible mark on our world.

In this second Relicblade Legends Expansion Pack you will find nine (9) brand new character cards and the Runehammer relic card. Expand your game with these powerful additions and seek your destiny in the wilds of Relicblade!

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • While Brann, Shield Fighter

  • Hrolf Dwarven Gadgeteer, Rogue

  • Almar the Hexbreaker, Fighter Cleric

  • The Iron Tyrant, Knight Warlord

  • Lucas Hayland, Holy Cleric

  • Mah'dlin and Lekshi, Wizard Fighter

  • Victoria the Demon Hunter, Rogue Scout

  • Runehammer, Relic

  • Kenna de Aura, Nature Wizard

  • Mocifer, Rogue Fighter

This is a digital print and play download for ten new Relicblade characters. We recommend you set your printer to highest quality, cut them out, and slip them into protective sleeves with a playing card for rigid support.

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