Wild Monsters Expansion Pack (Digital)

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Wild Monsters Expansion Pack (Digital)


"These creatures have claimed the world as their own. They are savage agents of an uncaring wilderness."

As fate would have it, rival warriors challenge your quest at every turn. However, the wild lands belong to a savage enemy unlike anything you've seen before.

Add fun and chaos to your games of Relicblade. These ten cards describe terrible monsters from the Seeker's Handbook along with two completely new creatures. This set also includes three fillable monster cards to track which creatures you've generated using the Monster Field Guide (Seeker's handbook p.95)

These cards are printed with a unique card-back so you can create a deck of monsters to randomly enter play at your discretion!

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • Ancient Dead

  • Banshee

  • Basilisk

  • Fay Knight

  • Night Prowlers

  • Random Large

  • Random Medium

  • Random Small

  • Revenant

  • Ruins Harrier

This is a digital print and play download for ten new Relicblade characters. We recommend you set your printer to highest quality, cut them out, and slip them into protective sleeves with a playing card for rigid support.

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