What is Relicblade?

If you're completely new to the tabletop miniature hobby it may seem completely bewildering. The core of tabletop war-gaming is based on two main pillars, hobby and gaming. Collecting, building, and painting awesome model kits is a creative endeavor that is both challenging and highly satisfying. Tabletop gaming is specifically relevant in our modern era. Players deliberately choose this social activity away from computers and television. Tabletop gamers explicitly engaging their imagination in both hobby creativity and collaborative play.

Relicblade is a fantasy skirmish miniature game. Relicblade is based in an expanding fantasy setting of swords, sorcery, and high adventure! Players command small groups of either bold heroes or villainous monsters in skirmish sized engagements. These skirmish battles center on a few dynamic characters rather than clashes between large armies. Games are played using detailed miniatures that players collect, customize, and paint. The overall hobby gaming experience is an artistically fulfilling and engaging way to explore a fantasy realm of limitless imagination.

Relicblade is a relatively small sized game. Players aren't required to invest in large armies, and games only take around a half-hour to play. This game is specifically designed to remove the barriers that prevent players, both new and veteran, from being able to enjoy this incredible hobby.

Getting Started!


Starting your journey...

Both new players and tabletop veterans may find entering a new game intimidating! While Relicblade is carefully engineered to create a deeply satisfying game experience for players at every level, it can still be challenging to know where to start!

The Starter Bundle is the best place to start for any Relicblade player. Choose your favorite faction set and get the Seeker's Handbook, tokens, and measuring gauges at a discount. With this set you will be ready to dive into a refreshing new hobby-game.

Faction sets are specially designed to introduce new factions to the game. Each set includes several characters along with their character cards and their special upgrades. In Relicblade there are two main path alignments, the advocate and the adversary, and however within these good and evil alignments there are various independent factions. Ultimately, the Wretched Hive share nothing but hatred for Bone and Darkness, however their personal quarrels mean nothing when compared to your iron will. As a Seeker, your alignment is what matters. If you are aligned with evil then you can influence any evil character to join your warband. That means that you can mix and match characters within your warband from any faction as long as their main alignment matches yours. 

The starter bundle includes the Seeker's Handbook, which is perhaps the most important component to Relicblade. This handbook includes all of the core rules for Relicblade along with the Wonders and Horrors campaign supplement! With The Seeker's Handbook players are able to link their games into an ongoing narrative campaign. Characters gain new skills and treasures as they journey through unexplored wilds. Undertake dangerous missions, uncover rare treasures, explore wild new lands, and battle horrible wild monsters in this in-depth supplement.

These campaign rules open new possibilities and challenge players to delve into the unknown. The Seeker's Handbook changes the context of your games and adds captivating rewards for those bold enough to enter the wild lands.

The Relicblade tokens are high quality die cut game aids. With this set you can mark important game states such as disabled and dodge. It also includes sweet measurement gauges for quick and convenient measurement during games.

Faction Set:
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If you're completely new to the miniature hobby you'll need a few tools to assemble and paint your model kits. I recommend a pair of sprue cutters, super glue, and a set of simple model paints to get started! I made a little video about how to assemble and paint a miniature, so if you're completely new check it out!

Watch it played!

There are plenty of battle reports on YouTube. Dig into the great content available online to see players from around the world enjoy this unique tabletop wargame.

Watch a full Relicblade campaign on YouTube as Owen and Ash lead their war parties into unknown depths!

Exploring new realms!

Adding to your collection is easy and rewarding. Simply pick up a new faction set or stand alone character to introduce new play-styles to your games!

There are two main path alignments, in Relicblade. While faction sets include characters from within a specific "faction" theme, any character within the evil Adversary alignment will work with any other evil character. So when you collect undead characters you aren't exclusively limited to using only that "faction". For example, characters from the Bone and Darkness Faction will happily join a party with horrible pig men and Eel Sorcerers conjured from the deep.

Faction expansion sets grow the game in exciting ways. The Lone Guard Faction Set includes new rules for Companion characters, while the Bone and Darkness Faction Set introduces special rules for arcane Constructs. In addition to new rules and characters, each faction set includes a special scenario. You can't go wrong by adding a faction set to your collection!


Faction Set: The Lone Guard
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Faction Set: Bone and Darkness
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Even more in an Expanding World!

Work is constantly underway at Metal King Studio to offer strange new creatures to the ever expanding world of Relicblade. We are proud to offer powerful stand alone characters, card booster packs, and easily accessible digital downloads for avid gamers around the world! Keep an eye out for awesome new content as Metal King Studio boldly forges it's destiny as an independent game studio!

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See the full range of Relicblade miniatures here!

Independent Game Studio

Metal King Studio is an independent game studio in Davis, California. Artist Sean Sutter boldly set out to create Relicblade Full-Time in June, 2015. He does all of the sculpture, illustration, and game design. This titanic undertaking is usually overwhelming but also offers unparalleled creative freedom. Sean is able to create strange characters on a whim without the oversight of a committee. The result is a completely unfiltered game with skull faced villains, awful fish monsters, and colossal stone-elves.

Through the Kickstarter crowdsource platform, Relicblade has been able to thrive in an otherwise oversaturated and uncaring realm of fantasy games. With the support of backers and patrons from around the world Sean continues to work long hours in his studio. He sits hunched over a sketchbook chasing every inspiration; reveling in the joy of creation and wallowing in bleak hours of penitent nothingness. 

For those of you who believe in this audacious endeavor there is a Patreon for Metal King Studio. You can observe the chaotic life of an independent artist and jam a dollar in the tip jar as you marvel at his deformed psych from a safe distance.


Greetings Friends!

If you will kindly allow me to get philosophical for a moment I would greatly appreciate it. Don't deny an artist his pleasures.

Cool guy, Sean Sutter.

Cool guy, Sean Sutter.

In art school we were asked over and over a simple question, "What is art?" So I've thought about it a lot, but I knew I was an artist at a young age. So the important question for me was, "Why do you art?"

I can answer the question, but I'll try to keep this short. I, Sean Sutter, make art to connect with people. I love people, observe people, and create art about and for people. I connect with people by telling stories, or my personal favorite, I make art that hints at a story that the audience must fill in. This strikes at the core of my art, collaboration.

I believe in tabletop games. I believe that sitting down with a friend to play a game creates a valuable connection. Therefore, as an artist creating games, I am able to achieve my highest aspirations in art by connecting people. I get to tell a story, collaborate with my audience to create worlds, and facilitate friendship.

I know I'm over-thinking this stuff. But I'm an artist, so you'll have to forgive me my sentimentality.

To Friendship!

Sean K. Sutter

Sean K. Sutter