Social Media and News Updates

Greetings friends,

In this era of social media chaos I have almost completely forsaken this blog. Metal King Studio is a one man show at this point, and frankly keeping up with social media is a full time job! Between facebook official page and Relicblade group, twitter, instagram. youtube, Kickstarter updates and patreon I am in way over my head!

I thought it might be helpful to post links to my active content here!

  1. PATREON: Patreon is a crowd source platform of sorts. It gives me the opportunity to set out a tip jar and share some exclusive content for avid fans and supporters. Because my patrons generously offer their hard earned money for what little I am able to offer, Patron is my absolute priority. I make exclusive videos, post top secret work in progress shots, and ask for creative input when my back is up against the wall.
  2. Instagram: As a visual artist Instagram is my favorite venue for social media. I like to post pictures of sketches, work in progress shots, and more. It's a laid back account with an emphasis on myself as an artist rather than pushing Relicblade stuff all the time. But Relicblade is frankly always on my workbench. So expect that!
  3. Facebook Page: The MKS facebook page will always have the latest releases and public previews on it. It's an official page so its mostly news items.
  4. Facebook Group: The Relicblade Official Battle Friends facebook group is the main community site. People are constantly posting photos of painted minis, new terrain projects, and getting answers to whatever rules questions they come across. That community is amazing. Definitely check it out!
  5. METAL KING STUDIO on YOUTUBE: I make new videos whenever I can, but that admittedly isn't too often. I do what I can, but there is still a ton of great Relicblade content from other content creators! Definitely check out Guerrilla Miniature GamesGaming with the Cooler, and STF the Fellowship. There are more, too! 
  6. Kickstarter: This belongs much higher on the list. But it's only active during crowdfunding seasons and fulfillment. During a campaign it jumps to number one on the list. The link goes to my profile. From there you can see past projects and follow for new stuff when it happens.
  7. Twitter: I almost never use Twitter. Not in my free time and not for work. The stuff posted there is almost always reposts from Instagram using the IFTT app. Sorry Twitter friends.
  8. Reddit: I know some people hate Facebook. And with good reason in my Opinion! We just created a Relicblade Sub Reddit. It's brand new, so if you don't see much that's why. But post on there if Reddit's your jam!

I hope this list helps you find the breaking news your after! If you ever have a question please feel free to email me directly. My community is my number one asset, so I'm frankly available (do my wife's dismay) day and night. Without players I might as well just keep all this art hidden in my personal sketchbook!

Your Friend,


Sean Sutter

A Grim New Dawn For Relicblade

Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

Greetings Good People,

It is my pleasure to announce the Relicblade Expansion "Bone and Darkness" Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on October 15th!

This fall we will finally see the full horror of the Dark Wanderer unleashed. "Bone and Darkness" will be a 10 card booster pack with six sinister new upgrades and several skeletal monstrosities to menace your foes.

Along with the yet unreleased Dark Wanderer/Dark Watcher miniature (which backers of the original Kickstarter already have) there will be three new miniatures to support the Darkness.

Work In Progress shot of a Bone Stalker: mutated skeletal horror! ;)

The Kickstarter campaign will also include a second expansion to reenforce the Path of the Advocate. You'll need all the help you can get to deal with what's coming.

Your Friend,

Sean Sutter

Post-Kickstarter Chaos

Greetings Friends,

It has been a while since I updated my workbench progress. The Idea of a Workbench blog is to let you see what's going on right here in Metal King Studio. There has been such a flurry of activity that I haven't had the chance to update this important blog!


The Kickstarter campaign was a wonderful success! Backers from around the planet banded together to raise $21,968. Which was super cool. As an independent creator I carefully use each dollar to make cool stuff. Using the money we raised I was able to add three new miniatures to the range, a punch-board for tokens and measurement gages, and create a pretty box covered with art.

It turns out adding those things was a pretty major undertaking! And I'll show you some of the fun stuff I did in this Workbench entry.

Punch Board

The punch-board is going to be a really great addition to the game box. It will make the game much more accessible. 

Open the box and pop out everything you need! (The pink lines are just where it will be cut.)

Open the box and pop out everything you need! (The pink lines are just where it will be cut.)

Punchboards are those thick cardboard sheets with pop out elements you get when you open a new board game. With this Relicblade punch board players will have two measurement gages so they wont need to search their garage for a tape measure to get starter. It will also feature all the little tokens you use while playing the game, such as dodge and disabled tokens.

Manufacturing these punchboards is pretty expensive because they are die cut with custom blades. The Set-Up is most of the cost! But the kickstarter made this dream real. I can't wait to get them and pop out all the sweet Relicblade tokens!

New Miniatures

The punchboards needed the longest lead time since the custom order takes so long. But once the boards were laid out I was able to get into working on the new miniatures. You've seen the Thief, so I won't get too much into her. The Relic and the Dark Wanderer were next on my to-do list.

Relics play a central role in the game. Even though the punch board will have relic markers for objectives I wanted to make a miniature to represent the Relic! It's pretty fun. There are at least three relics visible on the figure.


The Dark Wanderer was next. I spent a bit of time making sure I was happy with the pose and posture. He isn't a flying through the air swinging his axe kinda guy, so I needed to figure out a good subtle menacing pose. I'm pretty happy with this figure.

There is still enough chaos going on in the studio. that I'm going to leave you here and give you more updates soon! 


Thief Episode 6- Clothes

Thief Episode 6: Clothes is now showing. This sunny Monday morning we get to talk about clothes. Cloth and clothing may not sound very exciting, but it's an extremely important material to get right. Cloth behaves in overly complicated yet distinct ways, and everyone is very familiar with it so you can't BS your way through it. Additionally, fabric is extremely detailed so you have to strike a balance between representing fabric in believable ways and dealing with the tiny scale. 

Get amped for a topic you didn't you know you cared about!

The Relicblade Kickstarter campaign launches tomorrow. I'm really excited to bring Relicblade to people around the world through this campaign. Hero based adventure skirmish for everybody! Ash Barker, of Guerrilla Miniature Games is doing a few videos about Relicblade on his Youtube channel too! The first video is out and I'm really happy about it. You can't grow internet credit overnight, so getting support from him has been wonderful! Don't be afraid to be like Ash. Use your internet reach to help boost the signal, and make Relicblade grow! 

Thank you for all of your support, as always.


Sean Sutter.


I wrote a poem for Google to read.

Relic blade. relic blade. Relicblade the game created by Sean Sutter on Kickstarter soon. Relic blade, play the game to find Relics some of which are blades. Battle your friends. Have fun playing Relicblade.

Thief Episode 5- arms cape and rope

Thief Episode 5, in which we sculpt the her arms, cape, and rope, is now showing at a YouTube near you!

In this episode we work our way through several major sub-tools. Refining the shape, capturing the movement, and adding detail is the name of the game. This Relicblade character is turning out really great, and I'm sure you'll all love sticking her on the table for some rad thief action.

Relicblade will be life on Kickstarter on Tuesday Feb 9th. It's a nauseatingly stressful process, and I really hope things work out for Metal King Studio and Relic blade. If you're reading this on the Workbench blog, you're someone I trust for input and suggestions, so please check out this link to a preview of the Kickstarter page. I'm really putting myself out there and I appreciate any support I can get!!

Thanks again friends!

Sean Sutter

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Sculpting the Head

Thief Episode 4: The Head.

In this episode we finally get to start working on some details. I personally like to start with the head and face. I think that really helps define the characters personality. Which naturally makes it easier for me to work my way through the model while considering it's personality. 

I really enjoy this episode. I think it's fairly rewarding to see such an important detail come together in a 5 minute clip. This Relicblade character is going to be the first unlock-able stretch goal on the Kickstarter. If we are able to reach that goal everyone will essentially get her for FREE O____O  

So, mark your calendars and save your pennies, because the Relicblade Kickstarter campaign goes live on the 9th.

Thief Episode 3

It is my pleasure to post this link for Thief Episode three. In this episode I finish blocking out the major forms on the thief figure. By the end of this sessions she starts to really take shape. 

I've had a couple people ask how long the videos are in real time. The answer is between 45 minutes and an hour. I didn't want to edit out any steps since that conflicts with the purpose of the series. Things get pretty exciting in Monday's episode when I sculpt her head. So y'all can look forward to that. :)

Sculpting new miniatures for Relicblade is an absolute joy. I love making this game, and I hope to continue offering exciting new characters and monsters on a regular basis. A successful the Relicblade Kickstarter would mean exactly that. I am looking for a little foundation for the Studio that will pave the way for the future. I don't need a ton of money, but I need enough to set up molds and get prototypes made. The Kickstarter is really the foundation of the game and my company. I really appreciate you vote of confidence when you purchase the  game or even just tell your friends about Relicblade.

Cheers friends!

Thief: Episode 2


I'm so glad you made it! In this episode we delve into the mysterious third-dimension using the marvel of modern technology. It's a beautiful new day for Relicblade. 

Q: Do you pose the model before you start sculpting or after?

A: Pose it! and Watch the video.

New episodes will come out every Monday and Thursday through the course of this series. And I really hope I can continue getting fresh Relicblade videos out to you! It's a pleasure to share this with you. and I really appreciate your support so far.


Thanks again

Sean Sutter


(Dear Mr. Google... please find me. Relic Blade Relicblade adventure battle game. Its a great new indie tabletop game called Relicblade)

Thief Web Series on YouTube

Hello friends!

This is finally closer to the content I really wanted to have when I entitled the blog section Workbench. On the Perry Miniatures website you can always peek at some crazy Napoleonic greens. I'm always eager to see inside an artists studio. So I want you to be able to peek into the Metal King Studio whenever possible!

With the Relicblade Kickstarter just a few short weeks away I've been feverishly working on all kinds of projects (the truth is i've been feverishly working on Relicblade since July 2015). I've been putting together write-ups, videos, photos, demos, and emails upon emails. When I'm finally able to shift my attention into doing art it's really exciting. I just about lost myself in the act of making, when I remembered that I should multitask and make some interesting content to help promote the studio, too. 

One of the wave two characters for Relicblade is going to be a Thief! She's nimble, she's fast, she can do back flips, and she's one of my new favorite things in Relicblade. She plays unlike any character so far, and I'm in love. Now all of you get to follow along in live action video as she is born. In Thief I'll take you on the magical journey from concept to production. I hope you'll follow along!

watch as we bring this cutie-pie to life. 

I know you all are familiar with what I'm doing, but there are millions of people out there that still don't know how good Relicblade is! Google doesn't even know Relicblade is a word, she always auto corrects it to Relic Blade! It's not relic blade, but whatever makes google happy google does. If you like what you see and want to be part of supporting independent artists like me, you should consider using your powers of "like" and "share". Your Facebook feed is flooded with people sharing awful stuff about Donald Trump and Anti-Vaxxers, share something neat like art. It will make you happy, and It might get one more eyeball on Relicblade.


As always, I love you all.



Gameplay video and Battle Report

Hi all. 

As I prepare for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign which is pegged for a Feb 9th launch, I've been working on putting together more material for people to learn about the game. I put together some quick videos to help with just that! The first video is an overview of the gameplay basics. In this short video I go over the character cards and activations. 

If you like having a foundation before jumping in, I recommend giving the Gameplay Basics video a watch. But the real treat is a full 100 point game I got to play with my best friend Nyle. Nyle came to visit me from out of town before he leaves for an adventure teaching english overseas. I think this battle report is pretty fun, and you get to enjoy the standard repartee between two old friends over tabletop wargames. 

Each time I play Relicblade I'm reminded how good it is. I am really proud of this game, and I hope you will stand with me in February to help expand the Relicblade world. 

To a bold new year, with endless possibilities!

Sean Sutter