Gameplay video and Battle Report

Hi all. 

As I prepare for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign which is pegged for a Feb 9th launch, I've been working on putting together more material for people to learn about the game. I put together some quick videos to help with just that! The first video is an overview of the gameplay basics. In this short video I go over the character cards and activations. 

If you like having a foundation before jumping in, I recommend giving the Gameplay Basics video a watch. But the real treat is a full 100 point game I got to play with my best friend Nyle. Nyle came to visit me from out of town before he leaves for an adventure teaching english overseas. I think this battle report is pretty fun, and you get to enjoy the standard repartee between two old friends over tabletop wargames. 

Each time I play Relicblade I'm reminded how good it is. I am really proud of this game, and I hope you will stand with me in February to help expand the Relicblade world. 

To a bold new year, with endless possibilities!

Sean Sutter