Thief Episode 5- arms cape and rope

Thief Episode 5, in which we sculpt the her arms, cape, and rope, is now showing at a YouTube near you!

In this episode we work our way through several major sub-tools. Refining the shape, capturing the movement, and adding detail is the name of the game. This Relicblade character is turning out really great, and I'm sure you'll all love sticking her on the table for some rad thief action.

Relicblade will be life on Kickstarter on Tuesday Feb 9th. It's a nauseatingly stressful process, and I really hope things work out for Metal King Studio and Relic blade. If you're reading this on the Workbench blog, you're someone I trust for input and suggestions, so please check out this link to a preview of the Kickstarter page. I'm really putting myself out there and I appreciate any support I can get!!

Thanks again friends!

Sean Sutter

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