Thief Episode 6- Clothes

Thief Episode 6: Clothes is now showing. This sunny Monday morning we get to talk about clothes. Cloth and clothing may not sound very exciting, but it's an extremely important material to get right. Cloth behaves in overly complicated yet distinct ways, and everyone is very familiar with it so you can't BS your way through it. Additionally, fabric is extremely detailed so you have to strike a balance between representing fabric in believable ways and dealing with the tiny scale. 

Get amped for a topic you didn't you know you cared about!

The Relicblade Kickstarter campaign launches tomorrow. I'm really excited to bring Relicblade to people around the world through this campaign. Hero based adventure skirmish for everybody! Ash Barker, of Guerrilla Miniature Games is doing a few videos about Relicblade on his Youtube channel too! The first video is out and I'm really happy about it. You can't grow internet credit overnight, so getting support from him has been wonderful! Don't be afraid to be like Ash. Use your internet reach to help boost the signal, and make Relicblade grow! 

Thank you for all of your support, as always.


Sean Sutter.


I wrote a poem for Google to read.

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