Post-Kickstarter Chaos

Greetings Friends,

It has been a while since I updated my workbench progress. The Idea of a Workbench blog is to let you see what's going on right here in Metal King Studio. There has been such a flurry of activity that I haven't had the chance to update this important blog!


The Kickstarter campaign was a wonderful success! Backers from around the planet banded together to raise $21,968. Which was super cool. As an independent creator I carefully use each dollar to make cool stuff. Using the money we raised I was able to add three new miniatures to the range, a punch-board for tokens and measurement gages, and create a pretty box covered with art.

It turns out adding those things was a pretty major undertaking! And I'll show you some of the fun stuff I did in this Workbench entry.

Punch Board

The punch-board is going to be a really great addition to the game box. It will make the game much more accessible. 

Open the box and pop out everything you need! (The pink lines are just where it will be cut.)

Open the box and pop out everything you need! (The pink lines are just where it will be cut.)

Punchboards are those thick cardboard sheets with pop out elements you get when you open a new board game. With this Relicblade punch board players will have two measurement gages so they wont need to search their garage for a tape measure to get starter. It will also feature all the little tokens you use while playing the game, such as dodge and disabled tokens.

Manufacturing these punchboards is pretty expensive because they are die cut with custom blades. The Set-Up is most of the cost! But the kickstarter made this dream real. I can't wait to get them and pop out all the sweet Relicblade tokens!

New Miniatures

The punchboards needed the longest lead time since the custom order takes so long. But once the boards were laid out I was able to get into working on the new miniatures. You've seen the Thief, so I won't get too much into her. The Relic and the Dark Wanderer were next on my to-do list.

Relics play a central role in the game. Even though the punch board will have relic markers for objectives I wanted to make a miniature to represent the Relic! It's pretty fun. There are at least three relics visible on the figure.


The Dark Wanderer was next. I spent a bit of time making sure I was happy with the pose and posture. He isn't a flying through the air swinging his axe kinda guy, so I needed to figure out a good subtle menacing pose. I'm pretty happy with this figure.

There is still enough chaos going on in the studio. that I'm going to leave you here and give you more updates soon!