A Grim New Dawn For Relicblade

Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

Greetings Good People,

It is my pleasure to announce the Relicblade Expansion "Bone and Darkness" Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on October 15th!

This fall we will finally see the full horror of the Dark Wanderer unleashed. "Bone and Darkness" will be a 10 card booster pack with six sinister new upgrades and several skeletal monstrosities to menace your foes.

Along with the yet unreleased Dark Wanderer/Dark Watcher miniature (which backers of the original Kickstarter already have) there will be three new miniatures to support the Darkness.

Work In Progress shot of a Bone Stalker: mutated skeletal horror! ;)

The Kickstarter campaign will also include a second expansion to reenforce the Path of the Advocate. You'll need all the help you can get to deal with what's coming.

Your Friend,

Sean Sutter