Social Media and News Updates

Greetings friends,

In this era of social media chaos I have almost completely forsaken this blog. Metal King Studio is a one man show at this point, and frankly keeping up with social media is a full time job! Between facebook official page and Relicblade group, twitter, instagram. youtube, Kickstarter updates and patreon I am in way over my head!

I thought it might be helpful to post links to my active content here!

  1. PATREON: Patreon is a crowd source platform of sorts. It gives me the opportunity to set out a tip jar and share some exclusive content for avid fans and supporters. Because my patrons generously offer their hard earned money for what little I am able to offer, Patron is my absolute priority. I make exclusive videos, post top secret work in progress shots, and ask for creative input when my back is up against the wall.
  2. Instagram: As a visual artist Instagram is my favorite venue for social media. I like to post pictures of sketches, work in progress shots, and more. It's a laid back account with an emphasis on myself as an artist rather than pushing Relicblade stuff all the time. But Relicblade is frankly always on my workbench. So expect that!
  3. Facebook Page: The MKS facebook page will always have the latest releases and public previews on it. It's an official page so its mostly news items.
  4. Facebook Group: The Relicblade Official Battle Friends facebook group is the main community site. People are constantly posting photos of painted minis, new terrain projects, and getting answers to whatever rules questions they come across. That community is amazing. Definitely check it out!
  5. METAL KING STUDIO on YOUTUBE: I make new videos whenever I can, but that admittedly isn't too often. I do what I can, but there is still a ton of great Relicblade content from other content creators! Definitely check out Guerrilla Miniature GamesGaming with the Cooler, and STF the Fellowship. There are more, too! 
  6. Kickstarter: This belongs much higher on the list. But it's only active during crowdfunding seasons and fulfillment. During a campaign it jumps to number one on the list. The link goes to my profile. From there you can see past projects and follow for new stuff when it happens.
  7. Twitter: I almost never use Twitter. Not in my free time and not for work. The stuff posted there is almost always reposts from Instagram using the IFTT app. Sorry Twitter friends.
  8. Reddit: I know some people hate Facebook. And with good reason in my Opinion! We just created a Relicblade Sub Reddit. It's brand new, so if you don't see much that's why. But post on there if Reddit's your jam!

I hope this list helps you find the breaking news your after! If you ever have a question please feel free to email me directly. My community is my number one asset, so I'm frankly available (do my wife's dismay) day and night. Without players I might as well just keep all this art hidden in my personal sketchbook!

Your Friend,


Sean Sutter