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Hello friends!

This is finally closer to the content I really wanted to have when I entitled the blog section Workbench. On the Perry Miniatures website you can always peek at some crazy Napoleonic greens. I'm always eager to see inside an artists studio. So I want you to be able to peek into the Metal King Studio whenever possible!

With the Relicblade Kickstarter just a few short weeks away I've been feverishly working on all kinds of projects (the truth is i've been feverishly working on Relicblade since July 2015). I've been putting together write-ups, videos, photos, demos, and emails upon emails. When I'm finally able to shift my attention into doing art it's really exciting. I just about lost myself in the act of making, when I remembered that I should multitask and make some interesting content to help promote the studio, too. 

One of the wave two characters for Relicblade is going to be a Thief! She's nimble, she's fast, she can do back flips, and she's one of my new favorite things in Relicblade. She plays unlike any character so far, and I'm in love. Now all of you get to follow along in live action video as she is born. In Thief I'll take you on the magical journey from concept to production. I hope you'll follow along!

watch as we bring this cutie-pie to life. 

I know you all are familiar with what I'm doing, but there are millions of people out there that still don't know how good Relicblade is! Google doesn't even know Relicblade is a word, she always auto corrects it to Relic Blade! It's not relic blade, but whatever makes google happy google does. If you like what you see and want to be part of supporting independent artists like me, you should consider using your powers of "like" and "share". Your Facebook feed is flooded with people sharing awful stuff about Donald Trump and Anti-Vaxxers, share something neat like art. It will make you happy, and It might get one more eyeball on Relicblade.


As always, I love you all.



Relicblade Vanguard and Kickstarter Plans

Metal King Studio, as you may know, is a 100% independent miniatures and illustration studio run by me, Sean Sutter. You are probably also aware that it is a brave new world for creators. With tools like the Internet and Kickstarter it is possible to Shia LaBeouf your dreams. 

Do it, just do it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it! Make your dreams come true. Just do it...

Do it, just do it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it! Make your dreams come true. Just do it...

I wanted to make a miniatures game, because I love miniatures games. I was staring down a long list of challenges, but I reminded myself that those challenges are gatekeepers that the artist I want to become has to pass through. I don't want to go into too much detail about my adventures so far since that can wait for another time. I want to talk to you about Relicblade Vanguard.

Relicblade Vanguard, is going to be a pre-Kickstarter release of Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game. I planted the wheat, I harvested the wheat, I milled the four, I baked the bread, and I want to share my bread with a few good friends before I open my bakery on Kickstarter. When you buy the Relicblade Vanguard set you are like a Kickstarter backer that gets the goods day one. If you buy the game now, I will make sure you have access to purchasing rewards and stretch goals that we hopefully unlock.

I've done everything I can to balance my dreams for Relicblade with my extremely limited budget. The initial game only has eleven miniatures, and the good guys only field 3 characters in a standard game! The miniatures are only part of the expenses that go into making something like this. The game needs rules, cards, and tokens too. Without money from Kickstarter backers I can't afford to print those elements.

I have always planned on offering the rules as a PDF. I think the market is going that way for rule sets. Some games offer beautiful lavishly illustrated hard-bound volumes that are amazing. But I don't consider that part of Relicblades MVP (minimum viable product). Maybe 2nd edition will have hard plastic miniatures and a lush hardback dream-book with short stories and every good thing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 2.35.09 PM.png

The cards are an element that I've agonized over. I made 41 unique illustrations for the wave 1 deck, and I probably shouldn't give those away for free if I value my work. I really want to print those, but that is hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars I don't have! You see the dilemma I'm facing. So here's the plan: I will offer all of the cards as a PDF download that you will have to print and cut out, but when I get enough money to print them I will offer a premium deck.

Basically, you can expect a Relicblade Kickstarter in early 2016. But if you're ready to play an awesome indie game with your little brother this Christmas, sign up to fight in the van'!


Your Friend,

Sean Sutter