Thief Episode 3

It is my pleasure to post this link for Thief Episode three. In this episode I finish blocking out the major forms on the thief figure. By the end of this sessions she starts to really take shape. 

I've had a couple people ask how long the videos are in real time. The answer is between 45 minutes and an hour. I didn't want to edit out any steps since that conflicts with the purpose of the series. Things get pretty exciting in Monday's episode when I sculpt her head. So y'all can look forward to that. :)

Sculpting new miniatures for Relicblade is an absolute joy. I love making this game, and I hope to continue offering exciting new characters and monsters on a regular basis. A successful the Relicblade Kickstarter would mean exactly that. I am looking for a little foundation for the Studio that will pave the way for the future. I don't need a ton of money, but I need enough to set up molds and get prototypes made. The Kickstarter is really the foundation of the game and my company. I really appreciate you vote of confidence when you purchase the  game or even just tell your friends about Relicblade.

Cheers friends!

Thief: Episode 2


I'm so glad you made it! In this episode we delve into the mysterious third-dimension using the marvel of modern technology. It's a beautiful new day for Relicblade. 

Q: Do you pose the model before you start sculpting or after?

A: Pose it! and Watch the video.

New episodes will come out every Monday and Thursday through the course of this series. And I really hope I can continue getting fresh Relicblade videos out to you! It's a pleasure to share this with you. and I really appreciate your support so far.


Thanks again

Sean Sutter


(Dear Mr. Google... please find me. Relic Blade Relicblade adventure battle game. Its a great new indie tabletop game called Relicblade)

Thief Web Series on YouTube

Hello friends!

This is finally closer to the content I really wanted to have when I entitled the blog section Workbench. On the Perry Miniatures website you can always peek at some crazy Napoleonic greens. I'm always eager to see inside an artists studio. So I want you to be able to peek into the Metal King Studio whenever possible!

With the Relicblade Kickstarter just a few short weeks away I've been feverishly working on all kinds of projects (the truth is i've been feverishly working on Relicblade since July 2015). I've been putting together write-ups, videos, photos, demos, and emails upon emails. When I'm finally able to shift my attention into doing art it's really exciting. I just about lost myself in the act of making, when I remembered that I should multitask and make some interesting content to help promote the studio, too. 

One of the wave two characters for Relicblade is going to be a Thief! She's nimble, she's fast, she can do back flips, and she's one of my new favorite things in Relicblade. She plays unlike any character so far, and I'm in love. Now all of you get to follow along in live action video as she is born. In Thief I'll take you on the magical journey from concept to production. I hope you'll follow along!

watch as we bring this cutie-pie to life. 

I know you all are familiar with what I'm doing, but there are millions of people out there that still don't know how good Relicblade is! Google doesn't even know Relicblade is a word, she always auto corrects it to Relic Blade! It's not relic blade, but whatever makes google happy google does. If you like what you see and want to be part of supporting independent artists like me, you should consider using your powers of "like" and "share". Your Facebook feed is flooded with people sharing awful stuff about Donald Trump and Anti-Vaxxers, share something neat like art. It will make you happy, and It might get one more eyeball on Relicblade.


As always, I love you all.