Freelance Illustration and 3D modelling


I do a lot of freelance illustration for a wide variety of clients. I am formally trained in traditional art and have advanced knowledge of the digital tools needed to create dynamic artwork for web and print applications. 


Illustration specialties

  • Comic Book
  • Story Book
  • Posters
  •  T-Shirts
  • Character Design
  • Concept Art

3D Modelling

Three Dimensional artwork is the one of the most powerful artistic means of communication. When an object is rendered in real space there is no room for ambiguity. Modern 3D printing technology makes bringing ideas to life an exciting reality.


3D specialties

  • ZBrush Sculptures for Miniatures
  • Keying Miniatures and optimizing for mould making 
  • File Preparation for error free 3D Printing


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