What is Relicblade?

If you're completely new to the tabletop miniature hobby it may seem completely bewildering. The core of tabletop war-gaming is based on two main pillars, hobby and gaming. Collecting, building, and painting awesome model kits is a creative endeavor that is both challenging and highly satisfying. Tabletop gaming is specifically relevant in our modern era. Players deliberately choose this social activity away from computers and television. Tabletop gamers explicitly engaging their imagination in both hobby creativity and collaborative play.

Relicblade is a fantasy skirmish miniature game. Relicblade is based in an expanding fantasy setting of swords, sorcery, and high adventure! Players command small groups of either bold heroes or villainous monsters in skirmish sized engagements. These skirmish battles center on a few dynamic characters rather than clashes between large armies. Games are played using detailed miniatures that players collect, customize, and paint. The overall hobby gaming experience is an artistically fulfilling and engaging way to explore a fantasy realm of limitless imagination.

Relicblade is a relatively small sized game. Players aren't required to invest in large armies, and games only take around a half-hour to play. This game is specifically designed to remove the barriers that prevent players, both new and veteran, from being able to enjoy this incredible hobby.