Relics of the Volge 10-Exotic Relic Cards (Physical)


Relics of the Volge 10-Exotic Relic Cards (Physical)


"...And with these relics gain the power to shape the destiny of the world."

Relics of the Volge is a ten card relic deck designed for both one-off battles and campaign play. Inside you will find powerful mystical relics that will leave an indelible mark upon whoever finds them. Carry the power of these unbridled weapons throughout your quest.

Will one of your bold heroes claim the Glaive of the Storm Lord, becoming the legendary Thunder Chosen? Or will your Dark Wanderer claim the sinister Black Figure, and forever carry a shadow warrior who fights by his side?

This Expansion Includes The Following Relic Cards

  • Arctic Warblade

  • Black Figure

  • Crown of Madness

  • Fire Brand

  • Javelin of the Renegade

  • Kettle of Saint Agatha

  • Laurel of Peace

  • Plague Shield

  • Glaive of the Storm Lord

  • Sword of Ruin

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