Bone and Darkness 10-Card Expansion Digital Download


Bone and Darkness 10-Card Expansion Digital Download


Mysterious skull faced villains stalk the wild-lands. Early reports indicated that these sinister watchers had something to do with the Pig-Men. Now we find that these dark wanderers are an evil threat unlike anything we've seen before.

The Dark Wanderers are unyielding warriors whose martial prowess is undeniable. They often carry powerful mauls or strange bone-bows. One must never underestimate these foes. 

In this Expansion Pack you will find ten (10) evil cards to bring your enemies low. The Bone and Darkness expansion introduces magical constructs as a new character type. Constructs are nigh-unstoppable engines of destruction powered by arcane magic!

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • Dark Wanderer, Character
  • Dark Watcher, Character
  • Bone Stalker, Character
  • Bone Stalker (alternate art), Character
  • Bone Construct, Construct Character
  • Mark of Violence, Weapon
  • Bone Harvest, Spell Upgrade
  • Black Shroud, Spell Upgrade
  • Dark Machination, Tactic Upgrade
  • Murder of Crows, Item Upgrade

This is a digital print and play download for ten (10) Relicblade cards. We recommend you set your printer to highest quality, cut them out, and slip them into protective sleeves with a playing card for rigid support.

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