Digital Relicblade: The Seeker's Handbook


Digital Relicblade: The Seeker's Handbook

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Relicblade: The Seeker's Handbook

Digital PDF of the Core Rules and Campaign Rules for Relicblade!

The world is not as it once was.

The fate of civilization hangs in the balance. Great empires were torn asunder, and the world is dominated by a savage wilderness. Survivors live in isolated fortress cities on the brink of destruction.

Enter the ruins of the ancient world and enter an age of myth. Those brave enough to face unknown horrors may yet claim the mystical relics lost there. And with these relics gain the power to shape the destiny of the world.

Will you command bold heroes on a righteous quest for hope? or harness the fury of terrible monsters to carve your dark domain?

Choose your path, Seeker!

About the book:

The Seeker's Handbook is a comprehensive 110 page rulebook for Relicblade. This book includes the core rules along with the in-depth adventure campaign rules! Players assume the role of a Seeker to lead heroes and monsters on an epic campaign to claim magical relics lost in the ruins of the ancient world.

New Features Include:

  • The complete core rules for Relicblade.
  • Updated Special Rules and Advanced Rules sections.
  • Wonders and Horrors Adventure Campaign Rules Supplement. 
  • Take on the role of a seeker, a mysterious trans-dimensional being, to gather bold followers, fight for glory, and use your mystical influence to challenge destiny!
  • Rules for linking games into an ongoing adventure.
  • Six scenarios that force players into exciting tactical situations. No more mosh-pit style brawls.
  • Four unique environments to explore: Cyclopean Ruins, Arid Badlands, Fay Forests, and Dark Dungeons. Each with unique treasures, monsters, and events.
  • Rare and wondrous treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Dangerous wild monster rules with bestiary of known horrors.
  • Monster Field Guide for identifying nearly infinite varieties of horrible creatures! (Unique Monster Generator!)
  • The Digital PDF includes an interactive index so you can quickly reference any section.

This book is an amazing asset for all Relicblade players. Explore the depths of a magical world of adventure.

Truly, Relicblade will never be the same again!

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