The Deep 8-Card Expansion Pack (Physical)


The Deep 8-Card Expansion Pack (Physical)


Command strange aquatic aberrations from The Deep!

Somewhere along the jagged coast there lies the forgotten keep partially toppled into the ocean. As you descend into the labyrinthine depths of coral consumed corridors you descend into madness! The cursed servants of unimaginably ancient idols have taken the shape of murderous sea creatures! How neat.

The deep is an awesome new expansion springing from the weird imagination of guest artist Keegan Kaya McGee! Harness the eldritch power of the eel sorcerer and the brutal might of an awesome hammer head shark warrior. The expansion pack includes five powerful new upgrades and a sweet anemone relic.

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • Eel Sorcerer, Character
  • Shark Warrior, Character
  • Cleaner Crab, Item Upgrade
  • Consult the Eyes, Spell Upgrade
  • Electroception Glands, Tactic Upgrade
  • Ink Shroud, Tactic Upgrade
  • Octopus Potion, Potion Upgrade
  • The Anemone Blade, Exclusive Relic

This is a physical booster pack containing eight (8) Relicblade cards. 

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