The Lone Guard 10-Card Expansion Digital Download


The Lone Guard 10-Card Expansion Digital Download


The Lone Guard is an ancient order of warriors and rangers that patrol the wilderness. They are an ever vigilant force against every kind of impending threat.

The Lone Guard Rangers are hardy frontiersmen who travel hidden paths and have an uncanny kinship with nature. Armed with a keen longbow, the rangers are deadly hunters who stalk both powerful game and fiendish enemies.

Lone Guard Warriors are lightly armored fighters who are quick to respond to any threat. These intrepid fighters dive into combat with razor sharp skill and deadly poise. Their preferred armament is the bastard sword and round shield. They use both weapons for quick attack and defense, and are a versatile presence on the battlefield.

The Lone Guard expansion introduces new characters and upgrades to Relicblade including an all new character type. Companions work in close partnership with your other characters offering exciting new tactical depth.

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards

  • Lone Guard Ranger, Character
  • Lone Guard Warrior, Character
  • Sabertooth, Companion Character
  • Billman, Companion Character
  • Bold Advance, Tactic Upgrade
  • Indomitable Guard, Tactic Upgrade
  • Outflank, Tactic Upgrade
  • Quick Shot, Tactic Upgrade
  • Spear Trap, Item Upgrade
  • Hand Axe, Weapon Upgrade

This is a digital print and play download for ten (10) Relicblade cards. We recommend you set your printer to highest quality, cut them out, and slip them into protective sleeves with a playing card for rigid support.

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