The Volgelands Campaign Book

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The Volgelands Campaign Book


The Volgelands Adventure Campaign Setting

The Volgelands is the first campaign setting for Relicblade, and the first in-depth exploration of the Relicblade world. The book centers on the region known as the Volgelands. The port city of Riverhold is the beating heart of these cursed lands where feral magic still hold sway. Founded on the divine principles of Justice, but controlled by a powerful merchant class. Riverhold stands at a crossroad, both as a center of trade and a symbol of hope. Adventurers seek out the city to find their path. From this indomitable city, brave souls set out into the Volgelands, seeking a new destiny in a dying world. 

This campaign book is packed with tons of great content. Inside you'll find:

  • Regional lore concerning the history of the Relicblade world, Riverhold, and the Volgelands.

  • Faction lore focussing on the Temple of Justice, the Lone Guard, the Battle Pigs, and the sinister Bone and Darkness.

  • Map based narrative quest lines.

  • Two dangerous new environments: the Scoured Plains and the Brackish Badlands

  • Six scenarios in addition to the narrative quest lines. (14 scenarios in total.)

  • New wild monsters that inhabit the Volgelands

  • And optional campaign extras including Side Quests and more!

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