"The World is not as it once was."

The land is cruel and savage, littered with the bones of heroes and monsters. An evil haunts the ancient ruins of sundered empires. Overcome by despair and dread, beleaguered survivors live in scattered walled cities.

Brave souls and darkened hearts hear the sirens song of powerful ancient relics. Their forces venture into the wilds seeking these mysterious relics and clashing at the crossroads of salvation and supremacy.

Will you, Seeker, take command of those bold heroes on their righteous quest for hope? or will you harness the unbound fury of the Pig Men; whose craven lust for destruction is only matched by their love of snacks?

Whatever your choice, dear Seeker, choose quickly. For is it not written,

"Whosoever controls the Relicblade shall wieldeth the unbridled power of thine most grievously bad-ass magic weapon..."

Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game

Relicblade is a tabletop adventure battle game. Players may choose to command villainous tyrants with their monstrous minions, or the heroic champions who seek to bring low the evil lords.

Relicblade combines the action of tabletop wargaming with the flexibility of tabletop role-playing games. Each player controls a group of characters as they battle in the ruins of the sundered world. Characters are represented by finely detailed 30mm miniatures accompanied by Character Cards that detail the character's unique abilities. 

From frozen ice caves in the far north, to vast coastal keeps, the adventure is limited only by your imagination.