The Path of the Advocate

The Advocate has been called the great mystery. In the darkest hour, as the last of us were to be consumed by evil, a voice spoke and our world was saved. Though so much was destroyed some of us survived, and here we remain. 

The Path of the Advocate describes the woven fates of those who seek the redemption of our world. These men and women advocate for the people and intercede against the forces of evil. Among these heroes are those who choose the path, as others wander onto the path by chance or by fate.

Mighty heroes and bold adventurers travel ancient roads and assail terrible evils on the righteous quest to redeem a fragmented world. 

Heroes of the Advocate

The Questing KNight

Dukes and Lords often train an elite fighting force from among the upper class. These knights study a wide variety of martial disciplines in service of their liege. However, there are a select few who are overcome by the plight of the world and disappear into the wild lands. Questing Knights are powerful fighters bearing castle forged arms and armor. Formally, the lords are required to respect the Path of the Advocate for any of their Knights. However, individuals are often met with scorn by their brothers and chastised for foolishness. This only serves to harden the resolve of those who truly walk the Path.

Of unmatched martial prowess, Questing Knights wander the lands seeking their true duty. In this world glory and death await just beyond the walls. 

The Cleric of Justice

The Justice Clerics are organized to seek the path of the Advocate and resist the Adversary in every way. Bearing the sigil of the Advocate, the clerics travel from city to city on the dangerous roads through the wilds. The innocent adore the Order of Justice, as the wicked tremble.

The Clerics of Justice are armed with shields and powerful war-hammers. Blessed with the ability to summon the might of Justice in the form of a spirit-weapon: a spectral hammer that fights along their side with deadly affect.

The Handrakoth, people of the dragon, were once hated and distrusted by other races. After the sundering the Order of Justice took in a handful of orphans. Now these half-dragon clerics are their most fearsome agents.  The Clerics of Justice are among the most dedicated opponents of the Adversary, and often gather others on The Path to their cause as they resist the forces of evil.

Wild elf Druid

The Wild Elves chose to embrace the changed world in their own way. Rather than retreating into walled cities, as many other survivors chose, they became part of the new wilderness. As nature persists through cataclysm, so shall the Elves. 

The way of the Druid is a solitary existence. The druid is in communion with nature and abides within the savage laws of the wild. They are able to take the shape of a wild beast and the druid may spend years in this form without ever encountering civilization.

The shape of the mighty cave bear is among the most fearsome shapes a druid may choose. These powerful beasts can contend with the horrors and monstrosities that plague the land on equal terms. With tooth and claw these creatures are horrors in their own right.

But even the wild heart of the druid is not immune from the Path of the Advocate. Some are chosen by the great mystery and find themselves as powerful allies in the fight against the perversion of evil upon the world.

The Thief

Rogues of every kind inhabit this world of uncertainty. While many in pursuit of nefarious lifestyles do so to take advantage of their fellow man, some have been driven into the profession as a last resort. In these dark times Justice is a rare luxury, and many find themselves struggling to survive under harsh rulers.

Nimble, clever, and rightly suspicious of authority. The Thief is a valuable member of a Seeker's team. She is able to quickly dive into situations keeping a keen eye out for danger and an aptitude for claiming valuable treasures.

The Lone Guard

Legends dating back to the sundering tell of how a single individual with righteous purpose can make a difference in this cruel world. The Lone Guard are built on this very foundation. They say the first was a simple shield bearer who lead eighty refugees to safety. In harsh winter conditions he boldly protected the people against all odds. To believe a single low-born soldier could protect eighty grants faith in hope for today.

The Lone Guard are an ancient order of ever vigilant rangers and warriors. These frontiersmen travel hidden paths with deadly purpose to forge a new destiny. They have stood for centuries as the main hope for small villages and larger strongholds alike. Tracking the movements of larger threats and bringing low monstrous beasts.

The inspiring work of the Lone Guard attracts aid from beyond the sworn brotherhood. These intrepid warriors are aided by brave companions. Both the stalwart Billman and the savage Sabertooth lend aid to the noble cause.

The Path of the Adversary

The Adversary was worshipped for a millennia before his true power took shape. Walking among his worshippers he created abominations in his image, and gathered every evil thing to his banner. He may be bound now, but his call still rises from the darkness. The Adversary's beckoning call festers like an infection in the hearts of the wicked. 

The Path of the Adversary conspires to dominate and destroy. Followers of the Adversary harness the fury of trecherous villains and terrible monsters to carve their rightful domain in a world of chaos.

Villains of the Adversary


The Pig Men

Formed centuries ago by the dark will of the Adversary, the Pig Men possess a cruel mockery of intelligence. In ages past, the Pigs were organized into vast armies that conquered powerful kingdoms. Like so many monstrous creations, the Pigs were abandoned after the world was destroyed. These twisted creatures now gather in feral tribes and war bands that survive by foraging in the vast ruins that cover our broken world.

These fierce warriors crave nothing more than destruction and snacks. Our fortified farmsteads and frontier outposts are under constant threat of Pig raiders. The allure of a merchant caravan is too great for any Pig to resist. Smashing open boxes to reveal the treats hidden inside is the greatest pleasure a Pig can experience. Survivors of these raids often describe the ecstatic squeals and tears of joy as they discover the contents of each package.

The Pig menace has been akin to bad weather: a harsh reality that destroys crops and kills the unwary. But since the Call of the Adversary the pigs have become more organized and bold than before. These foul creatures are an ever present danger, and as common as weeds.

Heralds of Bone and Darkness

Mysterious evil beings have been spotted in the wilderness. Dark Wanderers are a threat unlike anything we've seen before. Wielding horrible bone-magic, a new form of necromancy, the dark lords spur unnatural growth to create mutated skeletal monstrosities. The resulting horrors are rabid living-bone creatures of unrelenting fury.

These skull faced villains appear to be heralds of a dark truth. The harsh reality that the world is changed. They bare the terrible visage of this cruel transformation on their skeletal masks. They are visions of unnatural bests created through perverse mutation rather than shaped by natures careful hand. It may be impossible to truly understand the finer details of their mission, but their brutal scheme and sinister methods are perfectly clear.

Apostles of the Deep

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.10.15 PM.png

Somewhere along the jagged coasts a cursed fortress stands crumbling into the sea. Antediluvian mysteries lie hidden in its darkest chambers. As you make your way deeper into it's treacherous belly the tide abates to reveal a coral encrusted dungeon. Frothing saltwater rushes through the living catacombs echoing otherworldly sounds.

The creatures here are twisted and transformed by an unimaginably ancient power. The fortress was once the seat of a proud royal lineage. The foundations were built on foundations older than the very continent, and as the world shifted and fractured the dizzying discoveries changed the royal lineage forever.

Eldritch powers course through the veins of completely inhuman creatures. Unimaginably brutal sharkmen and slithering eel-like beings are powerful allies to the path of the Adversary. However these servants are submitted to an troubling force, and are not to be trifled with.